1/2 MARATHON & 10K 

October 24th, 2020



  • Packet pickup @ Left Field Tavern 5-6PM (12 West Park Place)

  • 10K runners choose between a Tri-Blend race shirt or a finishers medal

  • Additional shirts and medals are available for purchase in our online store (Mountain Trail Goods)

  • Your registration email will contain important info regarding ordering your race shirt



  • Packet pickup @ the Hueston Woods mountain bike parking area 8-8:45AM (PARK MAP)

  • Race start (ALL RACES) 10AM (Timed by Web Scorer)

  • Race starts @ the Hueston Woods Mountain Bike parking area (PARK MAP)

  • No cutoff time: Walkers welcome!

  • Celebrate with a free beer @ The Left Field Tavern @ 12PM (12 West Park Place East). Show your race bib for a free beverage!

Course Description

Where else can you run through a State Park, cross a covered bridge, pass an active maple syrup sugar shack, see Maple trees in fall, run a shoreline, pass historic farmhouses, and finish in one of the biggest college party towns in the country?  There will be two fully stocked (1/2 Marathon & One for 10K) aid stations (Mile 4 & 8) along the route. The aid stations will have basic first aid supplies, hydration, fruit, and Hammer Nutrition products.

The Hueston to Oxford Halloween 1/2 Marathon, and 10K start in beautiful Hueston Woods State Park and finish in downtown Oxford, home to historic Miami University and our Halloween themed pub craw!


A portion of each registration from each racer and an overall donation from Mountain Trail Series will be given to the CURE JM Foundation

Juvenile Myositis (JM), including Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM) and Juvenile Polymyositis (JPM), are a group of rare and life-threatening autoimmune diseases, in which the body’s immune system attacks its own cells and tissues. Weak muscles and skin rash are the primary symptoms of JDM, while muscle weakness without a rash is the primary symptom of JPM.

We feel this foundation is doing critical work to help children who are dealing with this devastating illness. You can help support the cause by donating to the CURE JM Foundation. All donations go directly to the foundation.

Thank you for your support.

COURSE STATS (1/2 Marathon)

  • Course Map

  • Elevation Profile

  • Distance 13.1 miles (Route will be adjusted to be exactly 13.1 miles)

  • Total Ascent/Descent: 931 feet / 872 feet

  • Lowest Point 836 feet (at 7.33 miles)

  • Highest Point 1036 feet (at 5.48 miles)

  • Uphill 5.76 miles (42.1%)

  • Downhill 6.10 miles (44.6%)

  • Flat 1.79 miles (13.1%)

  • Height Gain 200 feet

  • Steepest Uphill +10.0% (at 2.68 miles)

  • Steepest Downhill -14.4% (at 7.27 miles)

  • Longest Uphill 0.78 miles (at 3.24 miles)

  • Longest Downhill 0.78 miles (at 10.12 miles)


  • Course Map

  • Elevation Profile

  • Distance 6.2 miles (Route will be adjusted to be exactly 10K)

  • Total Ascent/Descent 456 feet / 406 feet

  • Lowest Point 866 feet (at 3.86 miles) 

  • Highest Point 1000 feet (at 1.29 miles)

  • Uphill 2.96 miles (44.7%) 

  • Downhill 3.13 miles (47.3%)

  • Flat 0.50 miles (7.6%) 

  • Height Gain 134 feet

  • Steepest Uphill +7.8% (at 1.01 miles) 

  • Steepest Downhill -6.7% (at 1.34 miles)

  • Longest Uphill 0.62 miles (at 3.91 miles) 

  • Longest Downhill 0.78 miles (at 3.13 miles)