February: Featured Runner

On her 13th birthday, Audrey set a goal to run 13.1 miles as a 13 year old; six months later she did just that.  Looking back, she laughs knowing she started out too fast and wound up in the pain cave at the end, but it was during that race that she caught the bug.  Later with a couple of half marathons under her belt she set the goal of running a sub two hour half marathon.  Again, with the determination and drive that she is known for, she trained and met that goal running 2:59:49 with just 11 seconds to spare - all at the age of 14.

She can't remember when it happened, but through a few trail runs and reading everything she could get her hands on about running, she developed a passion and desire to run longer and longer distances, hoping that the goal to run even a 100 mile ultramarathon will be within her grasp.  And in true fashion, she marches on towards that goal, just recently running her first marathon, the Honolulu Marathon in December 2019, and setting her sights on her first 50K: the Divide 50K in Butte this upcoming summer.

She doesn't consider herself fast, but just someone that loves to run with that big smile on her face when she does.  She may not think she's fast, but she did come in as the 10th woman in her first trail half marathon (just over 14.5 miles) and keeps placing in her age group.

When asked what her favorite part about running is, she states that she loves finding out what her body is capable of and seeing herself meet and beat goals that she sets.  And when asked if she would rather run on the road or the trails, she said there was no doubt that the trails were calling her name with all the beauty and solace they offer.