Trail Poker

I like to run, but I know my times will never land me on the podium. So...I added trail poker to all our events. A game everyone can win!

  • Poker entry is included in your registration. 

  • Everyone gets a card in their race bag.

  • Everyone gets a card at each aid station.

  • You can earn extra cards along the way by winning small silly competitions or completing additional physical activities. Remember...the clock is ticking! 

  • Everyone gets a card at the finish line.

  • The best overall 5 card hand wins the game.

  • $100 minimum cash prize and $1 per runner in addition to the $100.

  • Winner takes cash!

  • Special prizes for other hands and card combinations. 

  • Ties will be broken with a game of high card. 

  • Cash will be sent via Venmo and prizes will be given away at the after party!